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Mindful Moment #1

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

I’ve been using headspace for about four years now and every time I sit down to have a session I’m reminded just how important it is to set aside 10-15 minutes in the day to just be present.

Sometimes I feel like things are happening too fast in my life; like I’m having to rush my time to meet other people’s expectations. However, I have to remember that no matter how important something may seem – nothing should take priority over my own mental well-being, because without that i’d just burn out.

Life will constantly throw things in our path and we may feel like we have to deal with them right away, above our own feelings. However, if we only had this day, what would we do first?

We often spend a lot of time working to find happiness in our future. Instead, we should be present to the happiness we have around us, and do so by spending a few minutes a day to block out the distractions and listen to how our bodies feel.

I challenge you to find a quiet spot today to just listen to your body. Then, ask yourself: “If I only had this day, what would I do first”

Wherever you are, be there totally – Echhart Tolle

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