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Landing my first NHS role: Mental Health Worker in CAMHS (EWMHS)

Hellooo friends, wanted to update you all on the new job. I appreciated all the love & support from you guys.

I’ve officially started my nhs role as a mental health worker for the ’emotional well-being & mental health service’ (formerly CAMHS Tier II & III I think). It’s one of many incredibly hard-working services and it’s already starting to feel like where I’m meant to be. Thanks to my neurodevelopmental background I obtained whilst as an AP, I’ll be working within the Neurodevelopmental pathway in the service, providing individual and group evidence-based interventions to children & young people with autism & adhd. Super excited to learn more since the CYP-IAPT is driven by the same framework and tbh PWPs are leading the way atm!!

Screenshot 2019-09-08 at 12.40.06.png

Personal Update: Since my new job’s outside of London, the commute has increased (about 80 minutes) which also means that my travel expenses did too. Lame, but given the scarcity and competitiveness of clinical roles for graduates trying to build up their CPD/experience to stand a chance getting onto the doctorate, I fully believe it to be worth it. Also, currently hitting the gym 4x a week thanks to @jeffnippardand my new training partner @_laurenfernandes 🤞🏾

That’s all for now! If you’re doing a Psychology degree or currently working towards one, are you working in a clinical role atm?? Lemme know 🙂

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