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Graduation Day (Therapeutic Play)

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

So today I’m finishing my six month long Certificate in Therapeutic Play. Surreal to even comprehend that I’ve come this far, and my knowledge of how play can be so important not just for children who experience trauma, but for us as adults to disconnect from the stress and negativity that surrounds us. When was the last time you allowed yourself to play?

As you go through the day today, try commit to finding a sense of play. It doesn’t matter where you find a sense of play in your life as it will be unique to each and every person. But it’s important that we give ourselves permission to enjoy ourselves, even when it feels like we have lots to be getting on with. It’s really about finding that balance.

It might be something that you usually do. It might be something you watch that makes you laugh, or it might be something you’ve not done in a long time.

Whatever it is, try to commit – even if it’s for five minutes in the day.

It’s such an important part of having a balanced mind where things don’t feel too serious. Just something that brings a smile to the face, a sense of lightness and a bit of laughter.

Thank you @londonarthouse for becoming my second home & for an incredible six months learning about the beauty of using the arts in therapeutic settings. I feel so privileged to have spent it with the most beautiful & genuine souls that I’ve ever met. Thank you for accepting me & believing in me. Until our paths cross again everyone 💜

I’ll be taking everything I’ve learned and more into my journey into CAMHS next month!🎉🎊

#psychology #mentalhealth #playtherapy #headspace #joy

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