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Being Creative.

Can anyone be a Creative? In the dictionary, a creative is defined as ‘relating or involving use of the imagination or original ideas to create something’. In the past I, and possibly others reading this may not attribute themselves as being creative, or possessing creativity. Our minds can become stuck on this notion of a creative being an established artist or musician who spends all their time in their studios creating and crafting magnificent gifts for the world to admire. But in actuality, being a creative isn’t a title that’s solely belonging to those further on in their journeys. It also comes from within ourselves. We as humans have our own unique artistic identity. We just have to do two things: Incorporate creativity in the work we’re putting out to others, and embody it in our own personal lives.


In my role as an Assistant Psychologist, my day doesn’t begin when I step into the clinic/school and see the children on my caseload. It starts from the moment I wake up, and whether I’ve spent anytime on myself. Although, that doesn’t mean hitting snooze, rolling over and scoring an extra half an hour’s kip, it’s more of a: Have I been present yet? Have I spent some time on being just Shy. Guided meditation apps like Headspace make spending 10 few minutes in the morning as easy to manage as brushing our teeth. We do it everyday, and if we didn’t we’d notice the problem right away, but with our brains it’s different. If you don’t brush your teeth on a morning, you (quite rightly so) would worry at the thought of having not-so pleasant smelling breath. Whereas, if you don’t spend any time on yourself, how can you expect to help others?

Coincidentally, if we forget to centre ourselves before we start our days, we can emotionally burn ourselves out before lunchtime and then struggle to tap into that inner creativity. Mindfulness teaches us the art-form of be present. To allow ourselves to get in touch with our inner sense of creativity that’s fuelled by a belief in self that reassures us. Allowing ourselves to express without restriction and judgement, and not comparing ourselves to one another, but instead understanding that we are all on our own creative paths and should support others in their growth.


As part of #SelfcareSundays, I’d like you to try tapping into your inner creative. Start identifying as a Creative. Push the barrier of what you think you can do and allow yourself to create something. But the most important thing to remember, is to have fun with it. Don’t judge, compare or critique the thing you create. Be proud of it, because it was made by you and only you. Stack some cups and knock them down; paint a picture of a place that makes you smile. Spend some time this week exploring the different creative outlets the world has to offer.

One of my creative outlets is colouring. Today, there are apps out there (I’ve been using Lake on my iPad Pro for the past few months and I love the freedom it gives me to create, plus the daily free pictures that you can colour in!) but I’ve also been fortunate to have found this Mindfulness inspired colouring book along with my trusty pack of coloured pencils. There’s something blissful about sitting back without your phone, with no expectations from yourself and just allowing yourself the time and space to express the way you feel. Tap into that inner creativity and tell them Shy says Hi.

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